Paranormal Census #6 – A Marian Apparition

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This is a fascinating anonymous submission that involves the sighting on an apparition of the Virgin Mary. This type of sighting is known as a Marian Apparition. They witnessed this Marian Apparition almost seventy years ago in a post-WWII eastern European country. This type of apparition is very uncommon and always impactful for those who have witnessed them.

My brother and I, as children, witnessed an apparition of the Virgin Mary in our home when we were home alone. The apparition was extremely clear to us and we knew exactly what we were looking at when we both saw it.

The Virgin Mary moved across the length of the kitchen wall and disappeared. It was pitch dark in the kitchen but the apparition was giving off light which is how we saw her. She had her hands in prayer with veil on. She was all white. She floated across the wall in about 6
seconds and there was no communication.

This was about 6 yrs after WW2 in Klaipeda, Lithuania which had been devastated by the war.

Our mom can home that night and we were so excited to tell her what
we saw, but she did not believe us and thought we were playing childish

I recall the apparition today as if it happened yesterday, and I am in my

This person has also had premonitory dreams of important events affecting herself or loved ones.

I have dreams ( I see images) once in a while just before I wake up in mornings about important events that will happen usually related to
myself or family members. The dreams always turn out to happen later
on. The dreams always correspond to very important events like
impending death if a family !ember as opposed to trivial events.


A Marian Apparition is exceptionally rare. They can be witnessed by as few as one person (Our Lady of Lourdes) or by tens of thousands (Our Lady of Fatima). The Catholic church supports that these apparitions can occur and has a process in place for assessing these appearances. The author of this testimonial did not need a formal investigation by the church as the event is still as clear in her mind as the day it happened all those years ago which is also a hallmark of a Marian Apparition.

If you have had a paranormal experience and would like to share it, please take a couple minutes to fill out the survey. It is important to the field to share experiences because it helps us all learn.

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