Paranormal Census #4 – A Friendly Ghost

Paranormal Experience Census

This is an entry from our Paranormal Experience Census. We will continue to post census entries to help you explore the unknown through the personal experiences of others. If you would like to see all of the census entries we have published so far, you can click here to see prior census entries.

The paranormal experience was submitted by a person who wished to remain anonymous. For purposes of this particular submission, all names have been redacted except for the first letter. This submission has all the hallmarks of a haunting and for that reason, we included it.

We lived in an house in Florida for awhile that had many “unusual”

We learned that a man by the name of C– had lived and died in that house. It was reported that he was a loner pretty much and had no family or friends. Someone found him deceased a few weeks after he had passed due to the smell coming from the house.

C– was a friendly person when we were there. Often he would move my perfume from my purse into this one closet in the dining room. He was good for moving objects, but not when you were looking usually.

We lived next to a bar and often at night I was alone with my toddler and often was uncomfortable with the rowdies next door. I could always count on “feeling” C– in the room with me and often felt him sit on the couch with me. Even though I couldn’t see him nor hear him, I could
feel him and that was comforting to me.

He could and often opened the sliding glass door in the Florida room. Myself, my mom and husband witnessed the door open and close several times while repainting the walls in that room. We would just laugh it off and tell him to stop because he was letting bugs in.

He let his presence be known on a daily basis, but never was it bad or evil. He really seemed to enjoy poking fun and doing little things around us.

Anonymous, submitted 06oct2019

C– seemed to be a friendly spirit who wanted to ensure that his home and it’s residents were well taken care of. Most hauntings are of this nature, not the dark, evil hauntings that the media likes to portray. We are glad the resident was able to coexist with C–, after all, he was there first!

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