Paranormal Census #3 – A Spectral Warning

Paranormal Experience Census

This is an entry from our Paranormal Experience Census. We will continue to post census entries to help you explore the unknown through the personal experiences of others. If you would like to see all of the census entries we have published so far, you can click here to see prior census entries.

The paranormal experience was submitted by a person who wished to remain anonymous. For purposes of this particular submission, all names have been redacted except for the first letter. This startling event happened over forty years ago in the United States. We find this testimony to not only be alarming in nature, but it also demonstrates how the spirit world can intercede on our own.

I use to babysit for some children that were the children of my mom’s two best friends. I was suppose to babysit one night, but one of the mothers called in to work sick so was going to be home and she was going to watch the other children as well. There was one little girl who had a very distinctive cry and that was G–.

That night the furnace in the trailer they all were in malfunctioned and the trailer went up in flames quickly. The one mother was unable to get all the children out in time and her little son and G– both perished in the fire.

A short time later, I awoke to hearing G– crying. I laid there in bed listening for what seemed like a couple minutes. I quietly called out to my mom who to my surprise asked me if I could here what she was hearing. I replied that it sounded like G– and she agreed. I turned on my lamp and the crying stopped immediately. Laying there listening to the “crying” my mom noticed our furnace was still running and got up to check on it, the furnace was extremely hot and she had to shut the power off to it to get it to stop.

The next day the furnace man said we were lucky she shut it off because of the part that had to be replaced could of easily caught fire. He didn’t know it was the crying of a dead child that alerted us to the problem. I believe to this day that G–t saved us from the same fate that she had lost her life to.


This testimony was the first submission we’ve received where the spirit possibly prevented a tragedy. Stories like this have been present throughout history and it is nice to know that sometimes we are protected by those on the other side.

If you have had a paranormal experience and would like to share it, please take a couple minutes to fill out the survey. It is important to the field to share experiences because it helps us all learn.

If you found the content in this article to be of any value to your paranormal studies, please let us know in the comments below. Feel free to share this article with your friends as well because if you found it interesting, they might too.

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