Ghost Town of the Damned

Well hidden by a century of overgrowth, along the ominously named Dark Entry Road in Litchfield, Connecticut, is Dudley Town. An enigmatic colonial era town that has gained a reputation for being one of the most terrifying places in the United States. This hidden gem of untold nightmares is said to exude a sensation of both dread and despair. And as with any place like Dudley Town, it begs the question, “What makes it so evil?”

If you should ever visit this eerie and desolate ghost town, you won’t see much. All that is left are a few crumbling foundations where houses stood many years ago. It is, however, the overwhelming feeling of negativity one gets and experiences that could only be described as spine chilling. Not only is Dudley Town very much haunted it is also plagued by a centuries old curse.

Long before its first homes were built in the 1700s, the dark cloud that hangs over the town began across the Atlantic in England. According to legend, the Barons of Dudley committed an act of treason against the court of George II. Whatever that act of treason was is clouded by mystery and lost to the mists of time. The affair that scandalized the Dudley clan sent them fleeing across the Atlantic to the new world colony of Connecticut; and with them came a curse that would forever affect the Dudleys by eventually destroying everything they touched.

When the Dudleys founded the town in the backwoods of Connecticut, the town seemed destined for failure. By the early years of the 19th century, the isolated community knew nothing but hardship. While the nearby towns prospered, Dudley Town experienced only struggle. No matter how much blood, sweat and tears the farmers put into their fields the crops refused to grow. Those residents not given to old world superstition, suspected the ground was too rocky to grow crops. While others held the opinion that the land upon which the town sat was cursed. And they may have had good reason to believe it.

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When the first settlers arrived, they were met by the local Native American tribes. The town fathers were warned that the land and surrounding woods were haunted by dark beings. This was quite common when Europeans stepped foot on the shores of North America. The Native people wanted to discourage newcomers from taking their land. However, as far as this land was concerned, the stories might just have some truth to them.

As the years passed, residents of the struggling town took notice that something peculiar was occurring in and around the town. People reported hearing voices emanating from the woods telling them to commit unthinkable acts against their neighbors. In addition to the voices, dark apparitions were seen lurking among the shadows of the dense woods surrounding the town. Realizing something sinister was happening, several residents left all they owned and left the town in the dust. They instinctively knew if they didn’t leave, their sanity was on the line. Regrettably, some of the townsfolk remained, and things only got worse.

The residents who remained witnessed more bizarre apparitions in the woods and strange lights that attacked people. Suicide became an ever-increasing problem and a strange flu-like illness claimed the lives of a small number of residents. By the second decade of the 1800s, Dudley Town no longer had any life in it. The isolated village was now abandoned. Never again would another human soul reside on this cursed land.

What is left of the ancient colonial town is considered by many to be a place of untold terrors. The region that contained the town is jealously protected by the Dark Entry Forest Association and they are not playing games. The association is well aware of the legends surrounding Dudley Town and have taken severe measures to keep out trespassers. Stern warnings have been issued, if you’re found trespassing you will go to jail. This however has not stopped the thrill seekers from venturing into the woods in search of the cursed town.

Like the residents of old, visitors to the ruins have reported some very intense experiences. Anguished cries mixed with a sinister laughter have been heard echoing throughout the surrounding woods. While others have reported human shaped apparitions among the ruins and the trees. In addition to this unnerving activity is an overwhelming sense of sadness and loss. Nevertheless, the creepiest thing reported by visitors is the urge to walk into the woods and die. Clearly, Dudley Town is not for the faint of heart.

When you consider the many harrowing stories surrounding Dudley Town, it is possible they are nothing more than mere myths or urban legends. Nevertheless, if even a small amount of these stories are true, this ghost town should be approached with caution. Or, perhaps it’s best to just leave Dudley Town to rot and disappear forever.

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