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October, as to be expected, brought us a lot of paranormal news. Typically paranormal stories and news articles hit a yearly high in September and October, and this year was no exception. Here are some of the articles and videos that have we have come across this last month which may be of use for your paranormal studies. We included material on UFO’s, science, surveys, the history of Halloween, NDE’s, faeries and so much more. You can see prior monthly news roundups by clicking here.

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All Hallow’s Eve – The Haunted History of Samhain (ITC Voices): Halloween. Many of us celebrate it but know not its history. Those of us in the paranormal field know that legend holds that the veil is thinnest on Halloween and it is a great night to commune with the spirit world. But why? Where does this belief come from? This excerpt from a book by noted author Rosemary Ellen Guiley goes into great detail on Halloween from its historical roots to modern day culture (from our sister site, ITC Voices).

The Real Reasons Everyone’s Clinical Death Experience Is The Same (Mel Magazine): This article takes a materialist stance on the NDE experience by claiming that chemicals and visual stimulation account for all NDE experiences. This article does not take under consideration the vast number of reports of first-hand observations of the room in which the observers lay dead, including visual and auditory observations, during an NDE. Decades worth of reports have been ignored in this article. If you want to learn more about NDE’s, we would highly recommend reading books by researchers like Dr. Pim van Lommel, Dr. Raymond Moody, and Leslie Keane. This article serves to provide a reductionist counter-argument that you may encounter during discussions on the NDE phenomenon which is why we included it in this monthly news roundup.

Tom DeLonge and Luis Elizondo of To The Stars Academy Lecture At The Italian UFO Conference: This is a very rare opportunity to get a glimpse of what TTSA is working on within a historical context of Ufology.

Buying the Nightmare on Elm Street – ‘Haunted’ Houses Present a Very Real Challenge for Realtors (Apple News): A survey was conducted and it showed that a full 49% of prospective home buyers would not buy a house if it was known to be haunted. In New York State, it is state law that if a home is publicly known as being haunted, the haunting has to be included on the home disclosures.

How Ouija Boards Went From Spiritualist Tool to Children’s Toy (Mental Floss): The Ouija Board is one of the most divisive tools used for divination. It is readily available in most big box stores, but it used to be an instrument that was used for real spiritualist research. This article traces the history of the board from its humble beginnings through the Satanic Panic to its current status as a children’s toy.

Project St. Peter: Lab 1 Part 1 (iDigitalMedium): Keith Clark from iDigitalMedium has put the first Project St. Peter documents online for research purposes. Project St. Peter was the research that was being conducted by the Metascience foundation as a followup to their Spiricom ITC device. The communications were received via a medium and have never been published prior to now.

Fairies Continue to be Seen in the Modern Day According to this New Research (Daily Grail): One of the more understudied aspects of the paranormal in this modern era are transdimensional beings like fairies. In this brief article, a link is given to a free fairy census that documents 500 sighting of fairies from 2014-2017.

Some Faerie Metaphysics (Dead But Dreaming): Another article about fae folk made the rounds this month. In this article, fairies are examined from several intellectual cross-points. The work of Rudolph Steiner, Rupert Sheldrake, Terence McKenna and other great paranormal minds is used to examine the existence of fae folk.

Instrumental Transcommunication News Clip (YouTube): ITC researcher and contributor to Paranormal Study, Jeremy Michael Bloxsom, has posted a news clip about ITC research that contains interviews and footage with some amazing ITC pioneers.

Superhumans: The Remarkable Brain Waves of High-Level Meditators (YouTube): 21 Tibetan master Yogi’s with anywhere between 12,000-62,000 lifetime hours of meditation were studied under lab conditions at the University of Wisconsin. The gamma wave results were astounding. This clip illustrates just some of the findings that are detailed in the book Altered Traits: Science Reveals How Meditation Changes Your Mind, Brain, and Body.

Republished Manifesto for a Post-Materialist Science (Paranormal Study): This manifesto needs to be revisited by the paranormal community. First published in early 2014, several brilliant minds (including Dr. Gary Schwartz and Dr. Rupert Sheldrake) wrote this manifesto which was subsequently endorsed by 300 scientists and authors. This manifesto states that materialist science needs to begin incorporating consciousness, psy and spirituality into modern research in order to move forward more rapidly.

Technology Explores Life After Death (Herald Tribune): With two million dollars of donation money, Dr. Gary Schwartz has helped to develop what has been dubbed as the SoulPhone, a device that helps to bridge the gap between the realms of the physical and the spiritual. This device purportedly allows for communication from the other side in a fuller, easier to understand manner. The idea for the SoulPhone is outlined in the book Greater Reality Living, 2nd Edition: Integrating the Evidence for Eternal Consciousness (Volume 1).

Believers are the Majority: Paranormal Acceptance in America is Rising (Sharon Hill): The author examines data from a Chapman University poll on American Fears. Some of the interesting data from this survey showed that at astounding 75.9% of respondents believe in some type of paranormal phenomenon. The author is slanted towards “scientifical” explanations and does not offer any substance other than saying paranormal belief is due to “psychic divas” and the “Ancient Alien Effect” by which the paranormal is de-stigmatized via pseudo-intellectual television. Despite her uninformed slant, we appreciate that she brought attention to this survey.

Inside the Mystical World of Crop Circle Tourism (National Geographic): A fascinating portrait of those who visit crop circles. This article contains interviews with those who believe in the phenomenon; it also provides a counter-argument by interviewing those who claim to create the circles. There are wonderful testimonials on both sides and some great photography. 

Psychedelic psilocybin therapy for depression granted Breakthrough Therapy status by FDA (New Atlas): In a stunning breakthrough treatment, the FDA has agreed that Psilocybin is a viable treatment for those who suffer from medication-resistant depression. Soon, Psilocybin Therapy will be available upon prescription in controlled environments. We have to wonder how many avenues of consciousness study this may create as patients begin to report their results clinically.

Fear and Soldering, an excerpt from Peter Bebergal’s Strange Frequencies (BoingBoing): Peter Bebergal is well known for writing about magickal and esoteric topics. In his new book, Strange Frequencies: The Extraordinary Story of the Technological Quest for the Supernatural, Bebergal tackles the use of technology to communicate with the spirit realm. The creator of Paranormal Study, Tim Woolworth, is mentioned in this book as evidenced by the excerpt published through BoingBoing.

What Are Orbs? Here’s The Real Deal Behind Those Ghostly Apparitions In Your Pictures, According To Professional Photographers (Bustle): Several photographers are interviewed about their individual perspectives on the orb phenomenon. This is great read because orbs have been very divisive in the paranormal community, especially since the advent of digital cameras that fit in the pocket of every paranormal enthusiast.

A UFO Appearance on Live Television (YouTube): During a news broadcast in Buenos Aires, a UFO is seen going across a large screen on live television. The news commentators follow the UFO and talk about it while it is still on the screen.

People Share Real Stories Of “Glitches In The Matrix,” And They’re Deeply Disturbing (Urbo): This is a collection of first hand coincidences and synchronicities that are exceptionally odd and border upon the supernatural. There are anomalous phone calls, disappearances, doppelgangers and much more.

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